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Caleb Johnson

CEO & President

Delivering Diverse Talent

At ApexHire, the mission is clear: “Hire Right the First Time.” With experience in agency and internal recruiting, I prioritize strong relationships with hiring managers and open communication. My background spans Fortune 500 companies and startups, driving my meticulous approach with candidates and clients. I prioritize diversity to create an inclusive culture that attracts a wide range of talent and enhances employee retention. For a strategic and well-defined hiring process, choose ApexHire.


Customer Commitment | At ApexHire, our Customer Commitment is the core of our mission. We promise to provide an exceptional experience, listening to your needs, going the extra mile, and ensuring your satisfaction in every interaction.

Diversity & Inclusion | We embrace Diversity & Inclusion at ApexHire, believing that unique perspectives enrich our community. Inclusion is not just a value; it’s our culture. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Doing the Right Thing |Doing the right thing is our compass. It’s about honesty, transparency, and making ethical choices in every aspect of what we do. At ApexHire, integrity guides our actions and builds trust.

Persistence | Persistence is our strength at ApexHire. It’s the unwavering commitment to facing challenges head-on, pushing boundaries, and achieving success through determination and resilience.

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John R.

Senior Software Developer

Caleb is a fantastic recruiter. He carefully guided me through the interview process. He was very professional and organized--letting me know what to expect prior to my interviews and immediately following up afterward. He also promptly answered emails and phone calls. His positive demeanor is one of the reasons I joined.


I was a client working with Caleb for several weeks until I obtained the "new hire" status with his/our company. Every single interaction I walked away feeling like he understood that companies are also candidates - not just the job-seeking individuals. He was genuinely interested in my perspective / interpretation throughout the interview process and remained very responsive at every stop along the way. Recruiters lay the foundation for first impressions on behalf of their companies, and Caleb did this very well!

John C.

Technical Writer

Paul P.

Lead Project Manager

I've had the privilege of working with Caleb Johnson on several occasions for key client opportunities over the past few months. Caleb understands the importance of being organized with effective communications in bringing the right skills to the client in resolving their needs. His positive attitude and commitment was above and beyond the call of duty. He has represented company of choice for representation of those in search of the right career path.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Caleb during recruitment; Caleb is knowledgeable, responsive/available, business professional and a great listener. He invests the necessary time and research needed to get the job done and exceeds all expectations. I look forward working with Caleb when needing additional talent!

Dominik F.

Manager, End User Computing

Falah, PE

Sr. Director, MEP

Caleb is a very talented and easy to work with to navigate through the weeds of the recruitment process. Working with him was a pleasure!

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