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At ApexHire, the mission is to “Hire Right The First Time.” Being on both the agency and internal side of recruiting, I realized that building close relationships with hiring managers and communicating at every step of the way is the key to success. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and even start-ups. Throughout my career, I realized how quickly things can change throughout the hiring process which is why I take a unique and more thorough approach with my candidates and clients. Building a Diverse workforce at all levels of the organization will create a culture that is inclusive and welcoming to all, it will also retain your employees. If you are looking for a more strategic outlined process, then look no further than ApexHire!

Certified Internet Recruiter

I am dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit for any position. I understand the market and the needs of both employers and job seekers, so you can rest assured that I will help you find the right people for the job.

Comprehensive Services

I offer a comprehensive range of services to make the recruitment process easier for both employers and job seekers. From job postings and resume reviews to interviews and market data, I will provide everything you need to simplify the recruitment process.

Quality Advice & Assistance

I thoroughly take the time to understand your organizational structure, the company values, goals, and culture. This will help me identify the right skillset, motivations, and mindset. Setting clear expectations for the candidate and client is important to retaining talent.

Saving You Money

Are you overpaying the agency that you are currently working with and not getting qualified candidates? At ApexHire, you will be working directly with me saving you anywhere from 20% to 30% off of your current agency fees.

Dedication to Excellence

At ApexHire, I am dedicated to delivering the best customer service possible to my clients. Communication is very key throughout the entire process, be rest assured that I will identify top talent for your staffing needs.

About Me

Hello, I'm Caleb!

Welcome to my page! I am a Certified Internet Recruiter, dad and husband. I am a prior student-athlete that played Division 1 basketball at the University of Missouri Kansas City – GO ROOS! After graduation, I fell into the life of a Recruiter and haven’t looked back. Being on both the internal and agency side, it has taught me how to build close relationships with stakeholders and find out the challenges in the hiring process and “Hire Right the First Time.”
Family is everything to me and I am lucky to work from home. I have 2 sons, Canelo and Cruz and my beloved wife Marissa who is a Nurse.

Permanent Placements

My permanent placement services are designed to help employers find the right people for their open roles. I will work closely with you to understand your needs and find the best possible candidates. I can also assist you with the onboarding process, from completing paperwork to taking care of salary negotiations.

Executive Search

If you’re looking for high-level talent, my executive search services can help. As an experienced recruiter, I will use their expertise to identify and approach the best potential candidates for the role. I can also help you with the negotiation and onboarding process for executive-level roles.

Real People, Real Results

John R.

Senior Software Developer

Caleb is a fantastic recruiter. He carefully guided me through the interview process. He was very professional and organized--letting me know what to expect prior to my interviews and immediately following up afterward. He also promptly answered emails and phone calls. His positive demeanor is one of the reasons I joined.


I was a client working with Caleb for several weeks until I obtained the "new hire" status with his/our company. Every single interaction I walked away feeling like he understood that companies are also candidates - not just the job-seeking individuals. He was genuinely interested in my perspective / interpretation throughout the interview process and remained very responsive at every stop along the way. Recruiters lay the foundation for first impressions on behalf of their companies, and Caleb did this very well!

John C.

Technical Writer

Paul P.

Lead Project Manager

I've had the privilege of working with Caleb Johnson on several occasions for key client opportunities over the past few months. Caleb understands the importance of being organized with effective communications in bringing the right skills to the client in resolving their needs. His positive attitude and commitment was above and beyond the call of duty. He has represented company of choice for representation of those in search of the right career path.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Caleb during recruitment; Caleb is knowledgeable, responsive/available, business professional and a great listener. He invests the necessary time and research needed to get the job done and exceeds all expectations. I look forward working with Caleb when needing additional talent!

Dominik F.

Manager, End User Computing

Falah, PE

Sr. Director, MEP

Caleb is a very talented and easy to work with to navigate through the weeds of the recruitment process. Working with him was a pleasure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a Direct Hire Placement Agency like ApexHire will ultimately save you time and money in the long run. This will allow you to put the time back into a project, your employees, and your business. Let me do the heavy lifting for you when it comes scheduling, interviewing, and hiring the perfect candidate for your open position(s). Working with ApexHire, you will also benefit from working with just me and not going through multiple “point of contacts” which in turn will save you on average 20% to 30% in your staffing fees.

The cost will vary depending on several factors including account volume, market data, and lead time for me to recruit for your staffing needs. I offer 2 different types of fee options that include:

Contingency fee agreement: With a Contingency fee agreement, ApexHire will work for FREE until I find a suitable candidate for your open position(s). Once the ideal candidate is selected and accepts the opportunity, I collect a set percentage of the candidates annual salary. For relocation or sign on bonuses that my client will offer, I do not include that in my fee as that is a benefit to the candidate that my client is offering.

Container fee agreement: ApexHire will offer a Container fee agreement which is a strategic approach for employers who want exclusive attention without using multiple staffing or recruiting agencies in the area. This type of search can be for confidential VIP, difficult positions, or senior leadership types of roles. These type of searches typically take weeks to complete. If an employer decides to go with a container search, ApexHire will collect a portion of the fee up-front before conducting a search. This will cover our expenses from the time it takes to research qualified candidates, publish/market the position and provide weekly updates on the progress of the search. The contract will highlight the fee details and how ApexHire will conduct the search.

At ApexHire, I currently only offer direct hire or permanent placement through my clients.

ApexHire is built on building trust and long term relationships. I offer 30 to 90 day guarantees on each direct hire placement. Details are outlined on the Service Agreement.

Feel free to reach out directly to AexHire with either a quick call or email so that I can do a salary analysis. Todays job market is extremely competitive and technology is always evolving. To retain and keep good talent, be prepared to pay if you want the best. If employees are overworked and feel that they are inadequately compensated, they will unfortunately become unmotivated and leave the company.