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Hire Right the First Time

Welcome to ApexHire, where we believe in “Hiring Right the First Time.” This signifies our commitment to precision in recruitment, strategic screening, and building long-term success. It means we prioritize accuracy, ensuring every candidate aligns not just with job requirements but also with your organizational values. Our tailored solutions, industry expertise, and cutting-edge technology empower you to make successful and well-informed hiring decisions from the outset. Experience a new standard in IT recruitment excellence with us! 

Spot a Promising Candidate Elsewhere But InMails Fall Short?

I understand the frustration firsthand! Our dedicated efforts involve utilizing all resources to access a Talent Pool of over 800 Million Candidates through platforms like LinkedIn, Apollo, ZoomInfo, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and employing AIRS Search Techniques. We also do Waterfall Enrichment by gathering as much information as possible when it comes to contact information from 15+ Premium Vendors. Additionally, we conduct targeted email campaigns to business emails, ensuring we handle the challenging aspects of talent acquisition on your behalf.

The Truth Behind Why You Shouldn't Partner with Multiple Agencies

  1. Lack of accountability. Working with too many agencies can diffuse accountability. If multiple firms are submitting candidates for the same roles, it becomes unclear who is truly responsible for the quality of hire.
  2. Candidates getting double-submitted. There is a higher chance of candidate duplications when agencies are unaware of who else has been engaged. This wastes time and creates a poor experience.
  3. Relationship dilution. By splitting hiring needs across agencies, it’s harder to build deep relationships and cultural understanding with any single provider. Strong partnerships require concentration.
  4. Branding inconsistencies. Different agencies may present your company’s culture, values, and job opportunities inconsistently to candidates if there is lack of coordination. This creates a disjointed and confusing employer brand experience.
  5. Cost inefficiencies. Managing, communicating with, and paying multiple agencies creates administrative overhead and make costs less predictable.
  6. Slower process. More agencies involved can lead to slower decision making, feedback fatigue, and an overall lengthier time-to-fill metric.
  7. Confidentiality risks. Each additional agency multiplies potential confidentiality breaches about hiring needs, strategy, and other information.
  8. Performance ambiguity. With agencies working different roles, it’s tough to consistently evaluate their capabilities and decide who performs best.
  9. Decreased urgency. If an agency knows competitors are also engaged, their motivation and sense of urgency may be diminished.
  10. Candidate confusion. An overabundance of recruiters from various firms all trying to source for your roles can lead to an oversaturated talent market, diminishing your brand reputation and perceived opportunity value.

No Fee Per Hire, Keeping Your Pipeline Full

At ApexHire, we’ve ditched the outdated and costly “fee per hire” model that leaves you with an expensive surprise every time you need to make a new hire. Instead, we offer a simple and transparent monthly subscription service that gives you unlimited access to our top-tier talent pool without any hidden fees or surprise charges. With our no fee per hire model, you can hire as many candidates as you need without worrying about racking up exorbitant placement fees. Whether you’re growing your team rapidly or making strategic hires, our flat monthly rate ensures predictable and manageable costs, allowing you to budget effectively and hire with confidence. Details in our Sourcing on Demand package.

Complimentary Candidate Replacement & Faster Backfills

We’re committed to your happiness! If a placed candidate doesn’t work out, please contact ApexHire within 5 business days and we will provide you with three top candidates to select from. If you don’t choose 1 candidate out of those 3, your next placement with us is only 10%. Please also keep in mind that the backfill does not come with a guarantee. Details will be outlined on the agreement.

Yes! There is no fee per hire and more importantly your team OWNS every candidate submitted. Details in our "Sourcing On Demand" package. 

With our "Sourcing On Demand" package - This all depends on how quickly your internal team members that are involved in the interview process can get back to us. Please also keep in mind that once candidates are submitted, it is important to respond within 24-48 hours to begin interviewing. We will do our part - you just have to do yours. You can get as many as 10+ hires and as little as 3. 

ApexHire employs a waterfall enrichment technique to collect contact information data from over 15 premium vendors. Subsequently, we integrate this data into an email outreach campaign featuring an automated sequence of 7 touch points, all completed within a 30-day period. Research shows that this approach enhances hire rates by 20%.

At ApexHire, we leverage cutting-edge "LinkedIn Automation" tools to proactively identify and engage top talent for our clients. Our specialized software intelligently pinpoints qualified candidates matching each role's criteria across LinkedIn's 800+ million professionals.

We then initiate automated outreach campaigns sending customized InMail messages and connection requests directly to those candidates. While automation handles the initial discovery and outreach phases, we are actively involved - carefully vetting responses and having personal conversations with promising individuals.

This powerful combination of automated efficiency and human touch ensures we consistently connect clients with pre-qualified, interested talent for their crucial hiring needs. ApexHire stays ahead of the curve, optimizing our LinkedIn Automation strategy to amplify talent engagement and acquisition.

Partnership Options


15%/fee of the first years annual salary
  • Rapidly fill challenging positions
  • 60-day guarantee period for new hires
  • ApexHire is committed to sourcing and filling the roles you delegate to us. This involves conducting the initial recruiter screen, coordinating interviews, and presenting offers.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly meetings with Hiring Manager & internal team
  • Candidate email outreach campaigns
  • Engage talent through LinkedIn automation
  • Shared market Information & salary data
  • Waterfall lead enrichment: combined contact information from 15+ premium vendors


22.5%/fee of the first years annual salary
  • Everything in Engaged plus:
  • 6 month guarantee period for new hires
  • Granted access to ATS
  • Recommended for niche or management level positions


30%/fee of the first years annual salary
  • Everything in Elevated plus:
  • 1-year guarantee period for new hires
  • $9,000 engagement fee - allocated towards placement fee
  • Dedicated sourcers
  • Reference checking
  • Recommended for Executive searches

Sourcing On Demand

  • Recommended for high volume or multiple openings
  • Uncapped hiring, sourcing, & resumes
  • 90-day guarantee for every new hire
  • No fee per-hire
  • No candidate ownership clauses or prior knowledge
  • Dedicated sourcers
  • You will receive 2 - 4+ qualified candidates weekly
  • Sponsored website job post to over 120+ job boards including LinkedIn, Indeed, & ZipRecruiter
  • Sponsored Ads on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Access to a talent pool of 800+ million candidates via LinkedIn, Apollo, ZoomInfo, CareerBuilder ZipRecruiter, Indeed & AIRS Search Techniques
  • Granted access to ATS & candidate email outreach campaigns
  • Waterfall lead enrichment: combined contact information from 15+ premium vendors
  • Shared Market Information & Salary Data
  • Engage talent through LinkedIn automation

Want a Customized Solution? Just Ask!

Need a Temp?

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  • Free conversion after 640 work hours met
  • Reduced hiring risk
  • Cost savings
  • Quick replacement
  • Focus on core business functions

Caleb Johnson

CEO & President

Delivering Diverse Talent

At ApexHire, the mission is clear: “Hire Right the First Time.” With experience in agency and internal recruiting, I prioritize strong relationships with hiring managers and open communication. My background spans Fortune 500 companies and startups, driving my meticulous approach with candidates and clients. I prioritize diversity to create an inclusive culture that attracts a wide range of talent and enhances employee retention. For a strategic and well-defined hiring process, choose ApexHire.


Customer Commitment    

At ApexHire, our Customer Commitment is the core of our mission. We promise to provide an exceptional experience, listening to your needs, going the extra mile, and ensuring your satisfaction in every interaction.

Diversity & Inclusion       

We embrace Diversity & Inclusion at ApexHire, believing that unique perspectives enrich our community. Inclusion is not just a value; it’s our culture. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing is our compass. It’s about honesty, transparency, and making ethical choices in every aspect of what we do. At ApexHire, integrity guides our actions and builds trust.


Persistence is our strength at ApexHire. It’s the unwavering commitment to facing challenges head-on, pushing boundaries, and achieving success through determination and resilience.

Placements & Counting
Days or Less: From First Interview to Candidate Signing
Industries Served
Years Recruiter by Nature
Expert Headhunter

Real People, Real Results

"Caleb is a fantastic recruiter. He carefully guided me through the interview process. He was very professional and organized--letting me know what to expect prior to my interviews and immediately following up afterward. He also promptly answered emails and phone calls. His positive demeanor is one of the reasons I joined."

John R.

Senior Software Developer

"I was a client working with Caleb for several weeks until I obtained the "new hire" status with his/our company. Every single interaction I walked away feeling like he understood that companies are also candidates - not just the job-seeking individuals. He was genuinely interested in my perspective / interpretation throughout the interview process and remained very responsive at every stop along the way. Recruiters lay the foundation for first impressions on behalf of their companies, and Caleb did this very well!"

John C.

Technical Writer

"I've had the privilege of working with Caleb Johnson on several occasions for key client opportunities over the past few months. Caleb understands the importance of being organized with effective communications in bringing the right skills to the client in resolving their needs. His positive attitude and commitment was above and beyond the call of duty. He has represented company of choice for representation of those in search of the right career path.​"

Paul P.

Lead Project Manager

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Caleb during recruitment; Caleb is knowledgeable, responsive/available, business professional and a great listener. He invests the necessary time and research needed to get the job done and exceeds all expectations. I look forward working with Caleb when needing additional talent!"

Dominik F.

Manager, End User Computing

"It was a pleasure to work with Caleb. He did an excellent job of understanding what the client wanted and then finding me as a potential resource. Couldn't be happier at the way he represented me and keeping me informed all along the way. I appreciate and thankful for his support and help."

Rod N.

SAS Grid Architect

"I've had the opportunity to work Caleb when he help placed me at a long term contract. He is a tentative recruiter who listen to your concerns and views regarding the opportunity and only submit you when you're comfortable that it's the right fit.

He doesn't hesitate to discuss other opportunities that he feels you may be a good fit for and he is UNLIKE other recruiters who match you up to a job description based on one key word and is pushy just to submit any resume. I would definitely work with him again when the opportunity arises."

Chantelle N.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

"Caleb was very professional and always did what he said he would. He kept up great communication through out the process and was a pleasure to work with."

Shauna S.

Senior Frontend Developer

"It was a great experience to work with and get a wonderful coordination from Caleb. I am thankful to Caleb for all that help and information regarding my new job with the client. Everything happened in timely manner and nicely arranged all the interviews and full-filled all my needs."

Ayan T.

Senior Software Engineer

"My experience of working with Caleb is exceptional. From initial contact until he successfully placed me as a Sr.QA role, he consistently supported me until I am placed. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. Highly recommended."

Arunadevi N.

Senior QA Engineer

"Caleb is a very talented and easy to work with to navigate through the weeds of the recruitment process. Working with him was a pleasure!"

Falah A.

Senior MEP Director

Contact me at 916-809-3238 or [email protected]