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Hire Right the First Time

People Over Profit

At ApexHire, we understand the importance of finding the ideal candidate without breaking the bank. This is why we present 3 different plans, designed to match your budget and deliver savings up to 76%. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to help you assemble a skilled and devoted team without the financial load. 

Sourcing as a Service

Our mission is your hiring success and satisfaction. Experience seamless recruitment with 3-5+ exceptional candidates delivered directly to your inbox. Should your search not yield success, we offer credit towards your next candidate list. Our commitment is to elevate and streamline your hiring process, ensuring you access the best talent for your needs. Details in our Express plan!

Complimentary Candidate Replacement & Faster Backfills

We’re committed to your happiness! If a placed candidate doesn’t work out, please contact ApexHire within 5 business days and we will provide you with three top candidates to select from. If you don’t choose 1 candidate out of those 3, your next placement with us is only 10%. Please also keep in mind that the backfill does not come with a guarantee. Details will be outlined on the agreement.


$5,000 $3,000 / per job
  • Sourcing as a service
  • You manage the interview process directly
  • 20 minute intake call
  • 3-5+ top candidates or credit towards next role
  • We shortlist the best applications & manage responses
  • Sponsored advertising to the biggest job boards
  • Engage passive candidates through LinkedIn
  • Bulk openings discount
  • Average savings of 30-76%


$15,000 $10,000 / monthly
  • Un-capped hiring & unlimited resumes
  • Full life-cycle recruiting service
  • No fee per hire
  • 90 days candidate replacement guarantee
  • Weekly meetings & intake calls
  • Explore every possible candidate in the market
  • Better candidate & client experience
  • Engage passive candidates
  • Candidate outreach campaigns and sponsored job ads
  • Share market & salary data
  • 20% discount for 3 month exclusivity
  • Average savings of 26-60%


35% 30% / fee of the first years salary
  • 1-year candidate replacement guarantee
  • $7k engagement & consulting fee, applied to placement
  • Presented candidate video interviews
  • Weekly meetings & intake calls
  • Candidate outreach marketing campaigns
  • Engage passive candidates
  • Research + Outreach + Screening
  • Sponsored advertising to the biggest job boards
  • Share market & salary data
  • 10% Plan
  • 20% plan
More Savings, Longer Guarantees 10% Plan20% plan
More Savings, Longer Guarantees
With Engagement & Consulting Fee
Upfront payment will go towards the placement fee
Without Engagement & Consulting Fee15% fee25% Fee
Guarantee Period45 Days6 months
Upfront Payment Applied to Placement Fee
Buy NowBuy Now

Need a Temp?

Contact for more details
  • Free conversion after 640 work hours met
  • Reduced hiring risk
  • Cost savings
  • Quick replacement
  • Focus on core business functions

Here’s the deal: Cheaper isn’t always better – in this case it is! We trust your interviewing skills. If you can evaluate candidates effectively, you’ll cut costs significantly. With the Express Plan, ApexHire populates your candidate pipeline with individuals who match your criteria and are eager to discuss the role with you. Since we’re skipping the interview stage, we’re passing those savings on to your team.

  1. Experience. Over the past nine years I have been a Recruiter at heart, more importantly I have been on the internal side of the process, just like you. It is important to emphasize that with my background you can be rest assured that your best interests are the forefront of my approach.
  2. Money. Considering $30,000 to $40,000 per placement for a Recruiting Firm is simply unreasonable – typically it takes 3 months to make a hire. You could save upwards of 76% working with ApexHire, details in our Express plan. 
  3. 3 Different Plans. Choose from 3 different plans that fit your budget. No raised prices/fees or negotiations. Just the right plan for you.
  4. 1-year Guarantee. Tired of the traditional 90 day-guarantee model? ApexHire is changing that with our 1-year guarantee. We focus on building lasting relationships and ensuring we give our best, even if a candidate doesn’t meet expectations – details in our Enhanced plan.
  5. Dedicated Main Point of Contact. Compared to larger firms, your team will reap the benefits of working directly with me instead of going through multiple point of contacts. It is in your best interest to partner with an agency that aligns with your values and understands your company. Keep in mind that working with multiple agencies on a role, the candidate pool does not get any larger and the same candidates receive multiple messages about the same opening. 

If a candidate loses interest after their resume is shared with you, they won’t be counted among the 3-5+ candidates. We’ll promptly substitute them with another qualified candidate.

While refunds are not offered, we are committed to addressing dissatisfaction with our service, subject to circumstances.

No! If ApexHire finds more than 5+ candidates, we will share them all with you at no additional cost. 

While no one in the recruitment industry can guarantee a successful hire, if your team doesn’t make a hire from our presented candidates, the credit will roll over for your next opening at no additional cost depending on the plan you selected!

The average savings is based on a 10 – 30% fee of the first years annual salary of $150k.

Caleb Johnson

CEO & President

Delivering Diverse Talent

At ApexHire, the mission is clear: “Hire Right the First Time.” With experience in agency and internal recruiting, I prioritize strong relationships with hiring managers and open communication. My background spans Fortune 500 companies and startups, driving my meticulous approach with candidates and clients. I prioritize diversity to create an inclusive culture that attracts a wide range of talent and enhances employee retention. For a strategic and well-defined hiring process, choose ApexHire.


Customer Commitment | At ApexHire, our Customer Commitment is the core of our mission. We promise to provide an exceptional experience, listening to your needs, going the extra mile, and ensuring your satisfaction in every interaction.

Diversity & Inclusion | We embrace Diversity & Inclusion at ApexHire, believing that unique perspectives enrich our community. Inclusion is not just a value; it’s our culture. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Doing the Right Thing |Doing the right thing is our compass. It’s about honesty, transparency, and making ethical choices in every aspect of what we do. At ApexHire, integrity guides our actions and builds trust.

Persistence | Persistence is our strength at ApexHire. It’s the unwavering commitment to facing challenges head-on, pushing boundaries, and achieving success through determination and resilience.

Placements & Counting
Days or Less: From First Interview to Candidate Signing
Industries Served
Years Recruiter by Nature
Expert Headhunter

Real People, Real Results

John R.

Senior Software Developer

Caleb is a fantastic recruiter. He carefully guided me through the interview process. He was very professional and organized--letting me know what to expect prior to my interviews and immediately following up afterward. He also promptly answered emails and phone calls. His positive demeanor is one of the reasons I joined.


I was a client working with Caleb for several weeks until I obtained the "new hire" status with his/our company. Every single interaction I walked away feeling like he understood that companies are also candidates - not just the job-seeking individuals. He was genuinely interested in my perspective / interpretation throughout the interview process and remained very responsive at every stop along the way. Recruiters lay the foundation for first impressions on behalf of their companies, and Caleb did this very well!

John C.

Technical Writer

Paul P.

Lead Project Manager

I've had the privilege of working with Caleb Johnson on several occasions for key client opportunities over the past few months. Caleb understands the importance of being organized with effective communications in bringing the right skills to the client in resolving their needs. His positive attitude and commitment was above and beyond the call of duty. He has represented company of choice for representation of those in search of the right career path.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Caleb during recruitment; Caleb is knowledgeable, responsive/available, business professional and a great listener. He invests the necessary time and research needed to get the job done and exceeds all expectations. I look forward working with Caleb when needing additional talent!

Dominik F.

Manager, End User Computing

Falah, PE

Sr. Director, MEP

Caleb is a very talented and easy to work with to navigate through the weeds of the recruitment process. Working with him was a pleasure!

Contact me at 916-809-3238 or [email protected]