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At ApexHire, we understand the importance of finding the ideal candidate without breaking the bank. This is why we present 4 different plans, designed to match your budget and deliver savings up to 95%. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to help you assemble a skilled and devoted team without the financial load. 

Get 3-5+ Top Candidates In Your Inbox or Receive Credit For Your Next List!

Our mission is your hiring success and satisfaction. Experience seamless recruitment with 3-5+ exceptional candidates delivered directly to your inbox. Should your search not yield success, we offer credit towards your next candidate list. Our commitment is to elevate and streamline your hiring process, ensuring you access the best talent for your needs.

Complimentary Candidate Replacement

We’re committed to your happiness! If a placed candidate doesn’t work out, please contact ApexHire within 5 business days and we will provide you with three top candidates to select from. If you don’t choose 1 candidate out of those 3, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your next placement under your original plan. Please also keep in mind that the backfill does not come with a guarantee. Details will be outlined on the invoice.

  • Intake
  • Boolean
  • Evaluate
  • Onboarding
Savings On Any Plan You Pick! IntakeBooleanEvaluateOnboarding
Savings On Any Plan You Pick!
per job
per job
per job
per job
Credit Towards Next Role
If ApexHire is unable to identify at least 3 top candidates with 14 business days for your opening(s), we will give you a full credit towards your next opening and share any market data or challenges we come across.
Candidate Replacement Guarantee
If a candidate placed by ApexHire isn't suitable within 6, 9, or 12 months, we'll replace them.
none6 months9 months12 months
# of Top Candidates
No charge for additional candidates!
Explore Every Possible Candidate in the Market
Call, Email, and Text Candidates
ApexHire will exhaust all resources to identify top talent for your organization.
Interview Ready & Interested Candidates
No Repeated Candidates
AI Powered + Human Interaction
Expedites the hiring process with over 30+ data points. Screen 100 resumes in less than 5 minutes.
Sponsored Job Advertising
Engage Passive Candidates
Bulk Openings Discount
If you have multiple positions to fill, ApexHire offers a 25% discount on the chosen plan.
Average Savings
Please note that the average savings is based on a 10 - 30% fee of the first years annual salary.
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Here’s the deal: We trust your interviewing skills. If you can evaluate candidates effectively, you’ll cut costs significantly. ApexHire populates your candidate pipeline with individuals who match your criteria and are eager to discuss the role with you. Since we’re skipping the interview stage, we’re passing those savings on to you.

  1. Following the payment of the invoice, there will be an intake call to discuss the specifics of the positions you are recruiting for.
  2. Submit pre-interviewed or pre-submitted candidates to ApexHire to prevent duplicates.
  3. Get 3-5+ qualified NEW resumes within 14 business days or less, with no extra charge for additional ones.
  4. You’ll have client portal access to my ATS, allowing you to view the candidate pipeline and make selections based on your preferences or ApexHire will email you directly the resumes.

If a candidate loses interest after their resume is shared with you, they won’t be counted among the 3-5+ candidates. We’ll promptly substitute them with another qualified candidate.

While refunds are not offered, we are committed to addressing dissatisfaction with our service, subject to circumstances.

No! If ApexHire finds more than 5+ candidates, we will share them all with you at no additional cost. 

1. Experience. Over the past nine years I have been a Recruiter at heart, more importantly I have been on the internal side of the process, just like you. It is important to emphasize that with my background you can be rest assured that your best interests are the forefront of my approach.

2. Money. Considering $30,000 to $40,000 per placement for a Recruiting Firm is simply unreasonable – typically it takes 3 months to make a hire. You could save upwards of 95% working with ApexHire.

3. Time. In just 14 days or less, you will get 3-5+ top candidates sent directly to you.

4. No Duplicated Candidates. At ApexHire, we ensure a diverse and exclusive pool of candidates for your hiring needs. Our commitment is to present you with distinct individuals, avoiding any repetition in the selection process. Embrace unparalleled diversity and expertise in every candidate we offer.

5. 4 Different Plans. Choose from 4 different plans that fit your budget. No agreements or contracts. No raised prices/fees or negotiations. Just the right plan for you. 

While no one in the recruitment industry can guarantee a successful hire, if your team doesn’t make a hire from our presented candidates, the credit will roll over for your next opening at no additional cost!

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